Winter Break Workshop

Collaborative Choreography, 

 Technique, pointe and Pantomime

February 12 - 19, 2021

Each class will include barre work and center, followed by choreography inspired by the students to music from Coppélia. Workshops will include pointe in the advanced level and pantomime in the beginners and intermediate levels. 

Class times: TBD as registrants are categorized by age and level. Time zones will also need to be considered as classes are organized. Space is limited so please register early. 

Beginners level: age 7 - 9

Intermediate level: age 10 - 12

Advanced level: age 13 - 16

*These are general categaries by age but levels will be determined after videos are reviewed so that each child benefits most from the workshop. Age is less relevant than training.

$40 per class

(additional $10 for advanced level pointe classes - extra half hour)

* Currently enrolled School of American Ballet students are not eligible for participation in these workshops.

Choreography for Coppélia by George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust | Performance photo by Paul Kolnik